LG top freezer refrigerator: freshness, space and energy saving

The new 395 (L) top freezer refrigerator from South Korean giant LG Electronics is packed with advanced technologies that allow you to keep your food in perfect condition.

Top Frieza 395 refrigerator The liters are equipped with the latest technology developed by LG’s R&D engineers. It notably contains: LinearCooling ™, Door Cooling + ™, Multi Air Flow and Smart Inverter Compressor ™.

In addition, the new 395 (L) top freezer refrigerator measures 1.76 m long and 0.7 m (70 cm) wide.

Technologies that are included in the LG refrigerator

Fridge Top Frieza The Smart Inverter Compressor motor incorporates a host of advanced technologies that will keep your dishes and food in the best conditions that will preserve all their nutritional properties and flavours.

LinearCooling™ – keeps farm fresh for longer

Linear cooling™ reduces temperature fluctuations and preserves flavor from freshness for up to 7 days.

Door Cooling +™ Technology – Provides freshness more evenly and faster

Food stays fresh and drinks ice cold on any shelf with the performance cooling uniform And faster.

Multiple Air Flow – Perfect temperatures all around

The Multi-Air Flow system is built to last Perfect temperature levels To keep your food fresh for longer. Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions inside the fridge, and air vents are strategically placed to surround your food with cool air so it stays fresh at all times.

Portable Ice Maker – More space in the freezer

Whenever you need to free up space in your freezer, you can easily pull out and move the ice cube tray.

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Energy efficiency and sustainability

LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor™ takes energy efficiency to the next level to help you save more and get 10 years of peace of mind.

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