Lézignan-Corbières: MJC’s youth district offers a great vacation programme

During the school holidays, Maison des jeunes et de la culture (MJC) entertains teenagers through its youth area. In particular, an educational camp on the topic of street art is planned for the second week.

The MJC Youth Center combines several structures, including the Lauseta Recreation Center for little ones from 3 to 11 years old, as well as a youth area for adults from 12 years old. Thomas Labarthe, curator and illustrator of Youth Space, continues to support it with a program of diverse activities and a week dedicated to street art. To kick off the holidays, reunions are planned at the local youth area, with a thematic meal ‘Around the World’ in the Spanish hostel format (Monday 25th April, meal from the bag, free entry). Since sports and outings are still part of the activities on offer, young people will be able to take part in an outdoor course and geocaching the next day, as well as an outing to the Narbonne bowling alley (Tuesday 26th April, 12 euros). A sustainable development procedure and a picnic at the CGR cinema in Narbonne (Wednesday 27th April, 12 euros). Afterwards, it will be a return to the youth area for a culinary activity during the day and a stroll in the Narbonne Arena in the evening to see improvisational comedian Ines Rigg (Thursday 28th April30 euros). Finally, the first week of the holiday will end mathematically between Baseball, Ultimate, and Tree Climbing (Friday 29th April12 euros).

Street art in colo format

The second week is reserved for a street art residency as part of the Learn Kolos scheme.* . The idea is to introduce young people to new artistic practices through the street art, like the break dancerap or graffiti. Many of the workshops will be led by professionals such as graphic designer and illustrator Myriam Duquesne or urban dancer Amar Chardo. toWith the help of artists, young people will be able to create graffiti on one of the walls of the city (provided by MWell ventilated)And create some rap tracks And record it in the studio, take part in a photo workshop, learn about hip-hop and in curban rosvet, Create a logo on a T-shirt at FabLab, discover urban works at the Micro-Folie Digital Museum… a Visit the Spiktri Street Art universe museum in Ferrals-Les-Corbières is also scheduled.

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Ito MJC east Equipped with an associative restaurant and an international center with dormitories and rooms Allow youths To take full advantage of the accommodation by staying on site. another job this week, Thursday, May 4thyoung people will participate in the heart race and pass in people’s homes between 2 and 5 p.m.Owns fundraisers for restaurants (he It is also possible to donate directly to MJC during this week).

Through the learning leave system set up by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, adolescents benefit from a special rate of €50 for five days with full board (at a cost of accommodation of more than €500 per youth). 24 seats (12-17 years old)open. slessons and p reservations Youth Center activities At the MJC reception on 04 68 27 03 37 or with Thomas Labarthe on 06 59 32 07 36 and on the website www.mjc-lezignan-corbieres.com

(Online registration is possible).

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