L’Expression: L’Ecran Libre – Netflix takes off in sports

After dominating fantasy series, US streaming platform Netflix intends to invest in sports. Moreover, she has never hidden her desire to diversify this content. After investing in gaming, the Los Gatos giant is now turning to sports. According to the Wall Street Journal, the platform recently made a bid for the live broadcast rights of ATP tennis tournaments to some European countries, such as France, before abandoning the idea, possibly due to the issue of costs. However, daily business suggests that Netflix could switch to other lesser-known sports, such as surfing and cycling, even if officials refuse to get involved in bidding wars. At the moment, football, the most popular sport, is far from the ambitions of the red “N” brand. To measure its audience, Netflix has also registered with Britain’s Barb Television audience measurement service. This is the world’s first audience measurement that Netflix has subscribed to. This development comes less than a year after Barb introduced an upgrade to its daily audience reports. Since November 2021, streaming services have been an integral part of these reporting of what people are watching on line and on-demand services. These daily reports include aggregate view across SVoD/AVoD and video sharing platforms, as well as content ratings for offerings on major SVoD services. While Netflix and other streaming services have clearly established themselves in the TV ecosystem, broadcasters continue to get the lion’s share of viewing in the UK. In 2022, Linear channels and streaming services on demand accounted for about two-thirds of all selected views, while SVoD/AVoD services accounted for about one-sixth of all views. The average daily watch time for broadcaster services was 159 minutes in September 2022, and the average for SVoD/AVoD services was 36 minutes per day. Beginning in the second week of November 2022, Barb will provide monthly access and viewing participation to broadcaster groups and SVoD/AVoD services that represent more than 0.5% of the total identified viewership. Also starting in November, Barb will expand its weekly Top 50 Reports to include shows across all linear channels and SVoD providers.

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