“Lex Netflix”: A new channel but not a breach for other sectors

A very good result, not a victory. The campaign’s result, animated, on cinema law has what anchors a branch of audiovisual material that has been unfamiliar with public debates. Filmmakers run in the markets, it’s not very common. Moreover, this is the first good news in this adventure: for once, the production of these audiovisual stories that we chant – boring Swiss films, according to opponents – or we swallow – the series beginning with “Tadaaam” – has been dismantled, the complex mechanisms discussed Incredibly for the little strip.

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This law enables compliance with European practices, whether a 30% stake for continental business or a commitment to invest in local production. This time, Switzerland is avoiding opening a new front with the European Union, as is the case with Frontex. The refusal to include the 30% in the law would have generated new tensions. Above all else, this Lex Netflix refusal would have cemented the country into this somewhat silly role of a good liberal student who refuses to claim compensation while almost everyone else does.

The branch could rejoice, but this vote suggests we shouldn’t go any further: 42% of no, it’s well above Parliament’s vote. So there is no reason to imagine opening new vulnerabilities, for example to online music, whose business models are different.

New ways to generate projects

Perhaps the best news is that this success does not strengthen the cultural institution, even though it wrote this law. The Federal Office of Culture (OFC) will not have one additional franc, unless taxed on non-investment. The means required from foreign TV channels and platforms will form another support channel, admittedly modest, but that would make it possible to envision new ways of developing projects – who knows, sometimes without the sacred authentication of the OFC. Beautiful conclusion to vote on a law that the government and administration want leads to an alternative to these.

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