let’s see | A recreational cruise threatens to collapse with passengers on board

A North Carolina roller coaster was quickly shut down after a visitor noticed a crack in a support column.

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It was a guy named Jeremy Wagner who shot this disturbing video of the malfunctioning carousel at Carowinds.

As riders approach one of the ride’s curves, the crack appears to expand and contract.

Wagner told CNN in an interview that he informed the theme park’s customer services before leaving the park. The man claims he also called the Charlotte Fire Department.

10 minutes later, the fire brigade called him to tell him the road was closed.

In an email to CNN, Carowinds said all flights are checked daily and this ride will remain closed until repairs are complete.

“Fury 325” is North America’s tallest steel roller coaster, reaching speeds of up to 95 miles per hour, according to the Carowinds website.

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