Les Vaîtes: Bringing the debate into the public space

The association “Le Jardin des Vaîtes” organizes all kinds of events throughout the month of June, with the aim of spreading the discussion about the Les Vaîtes ecoregion project in Besançon. Claire Arno and Mary Helen Barrow, a member of the group, lament the lack of transparency in the City Council. The Council of Citizens would have to give an opinion on the implementation of the project or not, but the working documents were to be kept secret by the public authorities.

Make the discussion public

To bring the debate into the public space, a series of events will be organized throughout Besançon. The beer produced in Les Vaîtes in the 2-barrel brewery will be tasting and selling on June 12. Two geographers will then provide a “scientific view” on the question on June 15 during a live broadcast on Beeb Radio. On June 26, there will be a meeting of several popular garden workers’ associations, with the Aubervilliers’ Garden of Virtues as the main guest. Finally, Cecile Moret, former secretary of the Paysanne Union, will hold a conference on the topic “Defending Urban Peasant Agriculture” on June 28.

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