“Les Irréguliers de Baker Street” on Netflix: What does the French expert think of Sherlock Holmes?

Released on Netflix on March 26, 2020, the series is based on the series “Iriforms of Baker Street” imagined by Conan Doyle in the many adventures of Sherlock Holmes: street children whom a detective seeks to gather information or spy on suspects. The first episode of this novel suggested by the broadcast giant sees Dr. Watson, the detective’s loyal companion and roommate, come to look for Beatrice, a particularly resourceful young woman, her half-sister Jesse, who is a medium, and their friends Spike. Billy to help her solve a child abduction case.

The investigation quickly takes a supernatural turn, and is strengthened more and more as the plot progresses. This, on account of Sherlock Holmes, who appears himself only in the middle of the season and confesses, with a real wink from the book, that he is “not the hero of this story” in the full seventh episode! In short, if the series is effective and fun – it has appeared in the top ten of the platform since its release – and is well paced, it only maintains somewhat distant links with the work of Conan Doyle.

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Nothing discouraged him Thierry Saint-Joanis, President of the Sherlock Holmes Association in France. He practices “Holmesology”, and he is “a science that has all the rules of science, except that it is useless except for fun,” as he put it! He has devoted his whole life to it, and he makes sure to consider everything related to his revered hero. A giant job since then, according to his calculations, “There have been over 5,000 productions since 1900, and there is at least one new one every day!” “

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A portal to this universe

Returning to the Netflix series, his remark is clear: “In“ The Iruates of Baker Street, ”we have characters with the names of the original work, but they don’t do what they ought to do.” Regarding Holmesian “Canons,” such a very vague Dr. Watson here. … that doesn’t shock him, however, preferring his hero to experience adventures in sometimes unexpected contexts, rather than being forgotten by the general public. “Sherlock Holmes is a bit like a mud,” he explains. On a medium through which all or part of the original elements have been erased, something else is written, another story, at another time, but the reconstituted document remains from Sherlock Holmes. “

The series could also serve as a gateway to the wonderful universe designed by Conan Doyle at the end of the nineteenth century. Those who appreciate “The Iruates” on Netflix may go see “Enola Holmes” On the same platform, then passes To the two feature films with Robert Downey Jr., and if they have a taste for reading, they will go buy books, “he hopes.

Moreover, for a scientist like himself who did not really find his happiness in “Airvarrolls of Baker Street”, which series would you recommend? Immediate response: British “Sherlock Holmes” with Jeremy Brett in the title role, 41 episodes spread over 4 seasons, aired between 1984 and 1994 via the channel. Not to mention the actor and his excellent game … But that’s not the main thing, because, without offending the Brit Club, the adaptation is great. And without being perfect – not all of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventures are good and worthy of a screen mod – they embody the spirit, mood, feelings, and times. Settings, costumes, language, etc. ”Enthuses Thierry Saint-Joanis.

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“Sherlock Holmes’ short story is like a chain link.”

It also gives “Stop to Success” final remake with Benedict Cumberbatch for the series “Sherlock”, 14 episodes in 4 seasons since 2010, seen on France 4 and France 2, available on DVD. “The tricks the book found to push a Victorian hero into the 21st century are fascinating, our expert asserts. Mark Gates and Stephen Moffat, the creators, are above all sharp Holmesian and on-screen. On the other hand, we can discuss the quality of the intrigue and storyline from Season 2. .. “

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Finally, for those who wish to return to the source, out of 56 short stories and 4 dedicated detective novels by Conan Doyle, Thierry Saint-Joanis recommends the first collection of short stories “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. “Sherlock Holmes’ short story is like an episode of a series: It is short, and there is a beginning and an end,” confirms French fan No. 1.

But in fact, why this infatuation with the hero who took his first steps in… 1887? The specialist makes two arguments. First, “We all dream that we have a friend like Holmes or Watson, a perfect friend. This appeals to both men and women. And then, Sherlock Holmes, is an example of someone who succeeds because of his intelligence. He has no superpower, or rather, his superpower is his intelligence, It allows us to identify with him. ”Elementary Dear Watson!

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