LEGO Super Mario Block? : Our Pictures and Seen on the Nintendo 64 Premium Premium Collection

If there was an incredible partnership that took place recently in addition to Universal Studios and The Pokémon Company, it is good The partnership between LEGO and Nintendo on the Super Mario collection. By launching amazing sets with a level of interaction never reached before, LEGO is 100% involved in the project. Today, it is a group aimed at more adults and will vibrate the fibers of nostalgia for every player Enjoy playing Super Mario 64.

as you see, Bloc? Puzzle Games Take the well-known design of the element, but it does not stop there. In fact, Here 4 token levels from Super Mario 64 have been repeatedAnd you can make it appear or disappear as you wish. We can all appreciate it too Small details and other references hidden here and there, always giving more authenticity to LEGO sets than to the Super Mario set.. As for the construction, contrary to what one might think given the symmetry of the mass, it is not redundant at all. It even presents its share of challenges, in particular Jala Jala mountain level which it will be necessary to be especially attentive. In short, this is not a mistake on the part LEGO set with blocks? Available here.

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