Lego Masters: Everything you need to know about Georg and Paulina, the brick makers of the show

They cracked the screen during the first release of the Lego Masters phenomenon. George and Paulina are the two experts to judge the quality of proposed work by the show’s nominees, which returns for season two on December 28-29 at 9:05pm on M6.

George Schmidt

George was a fan of Lego since his childhood. He started building games at the age of four and was able to turn this passion into a career. After several jobs (communication engineer and … police officer), he created his own company. Now he is one of the 14 approved contractors By a Danish brand and the company is managed erc-brick. He creates amazing Lego models and animations for museums, businesses, and special events.

Among his fiercest projects, we can mention for example this giant life-size X-Wing, or a magnificent copy of Notre-Dame de Paris weighing 183 kilograms, which required 170 hours of work.

Paulina Obi

The sharp-eyed judge is a fine artist based in France.

Lego is a great inspiration for his work. She’s been using it in her business for over five years now.

She especially loves grabbing pop culture avatars to get their images done in little molds. Among those that I have already drawn, we can cite Mick Jagger, Lana Del Rey or Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter.

His mosaics are displayed in many cities in France but also in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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