Lego Masters: 10 crazy characters from the show are back on M6

The Lego Masters are back at M6 on December 28 and 29, with Season 2 promising to be amazing.

Eight new pairs of enthusiasts will make themselves available for challenging tests in a very colorful competition, which will once again amaze young and old with constructions in mini-blocks, each crazier than the next and whose numbers are spinning.

5 weeks

Work is required for the installation of the decor in the studio with an area of ​​u200bu200b725 m2. If the first season was recorded in the studios of Pré-Saint-Gervais, then the second edition took place in La Plaine Saint-Denis. Filming began on May 27 and lasted for a month.

10 pays

Already adapted this concept. The format was launched in 2017 on Channel 4 in England and has now been a huge hit internationally. Besides France, it is already found in the United States, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Australia, Poland, Sweden and Finland. Colombia and Chile are set to launch their first season in 2022.

3.2 million

Viewers on average watched the first season in France, or 14.2% of the audience. This is the M6’s best result for an entertainment and gaming program in eleven years. Note that the launch has collected more than 4 million curious people.

3 million

Of the bricks supplied to the candidates for the season, the equivalent of 3.5 tons. That’s half a million more than last season. The number of references has also increased, with rounder shapes, more varied colors, and rarer pieces. According to an article from Les Echos published on October 2, “the CSA had written to the M6 ​​to call for vigilance regarding the ‘Lego Masters’ program (which takes its name from an international format) due to the use of the trademark.” “In any case, there will be no financial counterparts between Lego, on the one hand, and M6 and the product EndemolShine (Banijay group), on the other. (…) Production even buys all the bricks, ”write our colleagues.


Small figurines were provided to the candidates to bring their murals to life.

between 6 and 25

An hour, this is the time allotted to the tests. M6 said the 25 hours of the final made it “the longest on French television”. The shooting took place over a period of three days in order to allow the candidates to rest.


Hours, in cumulative time, were necessary to complete the second season’s auditions.


Only professionals in the world are LEGO® certified, including George Schmidt, one of the “brick makers” on the show, who received a license allowing him to create projects using famous bricks.

30 million

Lego is the number of pieces that George Schmidt claims to have in his workshop.


Euros to win the winning pair in the competition. The duo will also receive a giant brick trophy and be able to display their final work at Necker Hospital for several months.

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