Lego and NASA are collaborating to deliver a brick-built version of the Space Shuttle Discovery

LEGO: A 2,354-Piece Set Tribute to NASA – Gecko

To mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first US space shuttle into space, LEGO has joined forces with NASA to market a full range of Space Shuttle Discovery. The latter is the third US space shuttle to be successfully launched into space. It has already succeeded in all its launches and returns to Earth, unlike the Columbia and Challenger shuttle, the first two US space shuttles that disintegrated upon their return to Earth – in 2003 for Colombia and in 1986 for Challenger.

The Discovery Group is Lego’s most ambitious space shuttle model. In fact, it contains 2,354 pieces. To compare, ISS Group, The International Space Station, has 864. When completed, the Space Shuttle Discovery is 21 cm high, 54 cm long and 35 cm wide. Two feet are also included in the Lego box.

in detail

The Discovery shuttle clone forced the Lego company to develop three new types of parts; A front visor, stand, and 108 pieces of silver-coated items are essential for some of the ship’s details. The designers made sure to develop this set as realistically as possible to allow Lego fans to plunge into the space apparatus. LEego and space exploration enthusiasts will certainly be pleased to see that the cargo hold and cockpit are open, and that the shuttle has retractable landing gear, space arm and five crew seats.

The kit also includes a copy of the Hubble Telescope, which the Discovery shuttle put into orbit in 1990. The Lego Discovery kit will be available April 1 for $ 179.99.

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