Lee Contamin Montjoy. The village center and Les Loyers leisure area will be redesigned

The residents who attended the meeting organized by the municipality on Wednesday 26 April to present the upcoming major projects were first informed of the main topic that has baffled many municipalities: the Village Center project, revealed by Michel Bouvard.

After the approval of the PLU’s simplified amendment that puts an end to overtaking, the priority for the elected officials is to develop the village center with the first objective of a new vision of village crossing.

Safe crossing of the expanded village and field

For this, the project, entrusted to organizations such as Infraroute and CAUE74, consists of a narrow road and a speed reduced to 20 km / h. Pedestrians will have more space to roam, especially with the construction of a plaza, while car parks will be limited to a few short-term parking spaces and those of the future underground car park, i.e. 85 spaces, the same capacity as the current open-air car park.

Thus, Les Contamines remains a street village, but the idea of ​​the elected officials is to encourage private and tourist vehicles to use the left bank road from the Tresse forest crossing. It leads to Nyvorin in tatters and is due to be partially repaired this year. A roundabout at a cost of 800,000 euros is also being considered to secure the crossing.

In this mid-term meeting, the elected officials also presented their vision for the development of the center, and insisted on expanding the arena, which will rise to 1,300 square meters.2 Which will be lined with hotel accommodation that qualifies as atypical with an expectation of opening 10 months a year.

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But what about financing? The municipality hopes that the construction costs of the future developer will be financed without the participation of the municipality, thanks to the exploitation of private spaces.

Commentary will end with an analysis in September 2023 of the proposals of the four shortlisted candidates for this global development. As François Barbier reminded us, “The role of elected officials is to listen, to debate and to report,” but it is up to them to decide.

The area of ​​the ice rink has shrunk by half

The second point of the evening is related to the Loyers recreational area development project with a major decision, which is to reduce the area of ​​​​the ice rink in half, which will offer an area of ​​​​800 square meters instead of 1400 square meters.2 Present. This ice rink poses problems of cost (150,000 €/year) and therefore profitability. It is planned to keep cold for one of the three units of the winter ski area and to cover the removable ice rink, making it possible to maintain summer activities. A skate park and landscape are also planned for this space.

After this presentation, the floor was given to the residents. Some have indicated the cost of the developments, which may lead to doubts about the financial balance announced during this presentation. Others denounced the use of the Cote d’Oran on the Domes side in the event of pedestrian demonstrations in the center of the village, which poses a safety problem for residents and pedestrians.

Finally, the young Contaminard’s remark prompted reflection about necessary arrangements such as repairing the water system or even careful maintenance of existing facilities, which could render future projects unfeasible.

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