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lebron James will produce for Netflix movie Rez . ball, which deals with the issue of playing basketball on Native American reservations.

lebron James has just crossed the billion dollar fortune mark, and we understand more every day how. In fact, even if it still commands the same amount on the NBA floors and collects tens of millions of dollars annually, Source It is also increasing its activities outside the basketball courts. Because, in addition to its various investments, the creation of a marketing company for it or its participation in the legendary license space jam, King James also owns a eponymous production company The autumnhills company. Moreover, the player the The Angeles Lakers will, as well as A Report on Black Men in Hockey, which he will co-produce with Drake, will produce a movie for Netflix. This is a baptized feature film Rez Ball Inspired by Michael’s book Powell : canyon dream, Basketball season On the Navajo Nation.

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Film highlights the practice of basketball by amerindian

Rez Ball, which literally means Reservation a ball” (Basketball Reserve In French), you will study the basketball culture that is played on the Indian reservations in the United States. So, a sports movie that aims to highlight the original American basketball, which has inspired many coaches across the country over the years. The film’s director, Sidney Freeland, explained his reasons for making this film: “this is The story is common on Indian reservations in the United States, but most people ignore it. The goal is to show people around the world, tell a story about people and their familiar places, and what better way than that the Through a sports movie?. However, no information about a possible release date has yet been released.

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