League of Legends turned into a Netflix series

(Paris) Twelve years after the launch of League of LegendsRiot Games is conquering the audiovisual world with an animated Netflix series based on the world of the popular video game.

Aired from Sunday, a few hours after the final of the World Championships for one of the most-watched esports titles in the world, the series mysterious It is a remake of the flagship entertainment of the American studio owned by the Chinese company Tencent.

Remained for years during the group’s only title and geese that lay golden eggs, the multiplayer game LoL now sees its world appear on other modes: a collectible card game, role-playing game, or mobile adaptation.

mysterious, a nine-part animated series (broadcast three times a week), designed and produced by Riot Games, in collaboration with French studio Fortiche Production, with whom and other game publishers he previously worked with, and also developed an animated series for Marvel Studios. .

It features the heroes of the LoL universe, set against the backdrop of the conflict between Zaun, the Lowland, and Piltover, the rich city of rulers, in an age where magic and technology intertwine.

The scenario also follows two sisters who had a difficult childhood in Zaon, but who are now adults, living very different lives from each other.

This Netflix adaptation once again demonstrates popularity flow For video games, the idea of ​​attracting an audience of gamers, which would increase the number of subscriptions, attracted.

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This media convergence has also materialized with this week Netflix announcing several mobile games to its subscribers, including two titles from its series universe. Weird things.

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