Leafs fans are not welcome in the Panthers arena

After its players pull off an upset of the Boston Bruins in the first round, the Florida Panthers organization is already focusing its attention on the next challenge and has taken the means to send a message to many enemy fans who are used to moving. .

The Florida team isn’t keen to see its field become a secondary home to its second-round rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs. As a result, Canadian residents were unable to purchase tickets sold on Mondays for the series’ scheduled matches at Sunrise’s FLA Live Arena; Only people with a US address have the privilege to purchase it.

With a notice to customers displayed prominently on the Ticketmaster website, Panthers specifies that they rely on credit card holders’ contact details used in the online transaction. Overseas fans who get their hands on tickets have been added to cancel the sale without notice.

However, later in the day, club chairman Matthew Caldwell told FLAHOCKEYNOW that the rules will be relaxed on Tuesday as more tickets go on sale.

“We’re not completely sold out yet, but we can decide what we want and it will happen. For the first 24 hours, we want to stay with the Florida supporters. This is a way for our fans to get tickets, he said, explaining that prices will go up. We will eventually allow the sale to Toronto fans.”

Not necessarily a friendly crowd

Particularly in the regular season, fans of visiting Florida teams are used to invading buildings, and Leafs fans are no exception to the rule. Also, the Panthers played in front of many Bruins fans when they played their first-round home games.

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Before returning to the quarterfinals, the Panthers will play the first two games of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in Toronto. It is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday at 7pm on TVA Sports.

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