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After opening the PAL Lodge in 2013, visitors will soon be able to discover Savana Reserve, a hotel complex located in the “savannah” of the park, in the heart of nature and among animals.

Five buildings overlooking the river in the park and the house 12 family suites, 60 rooms and 300 beds In total, they are spread over three floors. PAL then promises to offer clients an immersion in the heart of Africa, and therefore more precisely in the savannah, as shown to us. Arno Bennett, park manager:

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The exteriors will also give prominence to Africa with the savannahs, which have already been established, as well as the greenery. 4,000 trees will be planted there.

Giraffes, zebras and rhinos

With Savannah, PAL promises its visitors a total immersion in the heart of the savannah, and this obviously includes animals:

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The “savannah” area of ​​the park covers 5 hectares and includes many animals that were already present in PAL. Four giraffes, a group of nyala, a zebra, ostriches and cranes, or three rhinos.

In total , 16 million euros Being invested in this brand new space. Therefore, PAL aims to record 30,000 overnight stays per entire season (compared to 16,000 currently, excluding the health crisis). The price of the accommodation (dinner, night, breakfast, day in the garden) is 180 euros per person.

Seasonal jobs to be filled

40 to 50 people are required to reopen the PAL. Because of its geographical location, Le PAL is having difficulty recruiting. Interested persons are welcome to apply Directly on the park website.

Thus, the opening is slated for April 9, 2021. But if restaurants cannot reopen, the people in charge prefer to remain closed. ” The goal is to deliver an immersive, exceptional and complete experience to the audience », Explains Arnaud Bennett.

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