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(Photo by Saint Francois Journal – Denis Morin archives)

For Didier Seguin, commissioner for water boat racing, the emergence of a new class is as big news as the return of Grand Prix racing in 2007.

“The step is very high between the Hydro 350 and the Grand Prix,” he states. Both in financial and human resources. For both promoters and runners. “

He cites Saint Felician as an example, which no longer has the financial means to lure Grand Prix boats. Brookville is in the same position. The new class, comparable to what we’ve seen with the Grand National Hydro or the Unlimited Light, can satisfy fans of the big cylinders at these race locations.

For six months, the group had been drawing what would be the sixth class of HRL boats. Research and development is still being researched to determine what will be a boat of significant proportions, but lighter than a Grand Prix. By sight, Mr. Séguin talks about a boat similar to the Alamo or Compuware that has already made waves in Valleyfield in particular.

Hydroplane Valleyfield would like to go to the bidding this winter. for three or four boats, either new constructions or by acquisition of existing boats. The goal is to have the model ready next year for the first tests.

“Initially, the boats will be owned by Hydroplane Valleyfield and we believe that the independents will join them,” notes Didier Seguin. We think it will have the same effect as returning from the Grand Prix. “

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HRL is developing its project by analyzing the relationship between horsepower and boat weight. The rations for the indoor classes are 0.17 for the 2.5L and Formula 2500, 0.24 for the Hydro 350 and 0.4 for the Grand Prix. We would like the new class to have a ratio between 0.32 and 0.33.

In three years, we’d like the new class to have between six and eight boats. In the medium term, increase the fleet to 10 boats to deliver two waves of qualification.

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