Le Journal Saint Francois | A former NYU Bronco recruit

Tristan Leblanc was drafted by Seawolves of Stony Brook University. Lacrosse will play in the prestigious NCAA Division I. (Photos – archive)

Seven years after touching the ball for the first time with the Broncos at Bay-Saint-Francois, Tristan Leblanc convinced the Sea Wolves. The original Urmstown lacrosse player will join the Stony Brook University team that plays in the prestigious Division I National Athletics Association.

“What a journey since he left with the Broncos from Baye Saint-Francois seven years ago,” recorded his first coach, Robert Daust. Respected, hardworking, perfectionist, and dedicated to his sport: he took the stages one by one.”

He played between 2015 and 2018 for the Valleyfield High School team, winning the scoring championship and the title of Student Sports Network Champion in Quebec.

The Urmstown athlete has also excelled with teams in Ontario and the United States.

Not to mention the regional and national scene. The Fleur de Lys jacket has been worn twice, in Oshawa and British Columbia. At the last tournament, in 2020, he wore the captain’s “C” crest.

At the Pan-Canada Games held in Toronto in 2019 and 2021, his brilliance allowed him to be chosen among the stars.

For the past year, he has been playing at Everest Academy in the suburbs of Toronto. This institution is known for leading one of the top 10 field lacrosse programs in Canada.

In addition to playing, Tristan trained for several summers with the Jaguars Program of the Valleyfield Association and Suroît Lacrosse.

A meteoric evolution of this athlete. Stony Brook is located on the Long Island Strip in New York State.

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So the Leblanc name continues to resonate in Valleyfield lacrosse. Tristan is the son of Sylvain who made Asterix climax. He also counts on his supporter #1, his mother, Sophie Casey, who always followed him wherever he played and who accompanied him throughout the hiring process.

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