Le Drian used the handover letter to settle accounts with the Australian Prime Minister

The former foreign minister was now happy to defeat Scott Morrison, who had canceled the contract on submarines between Australia and France.

“I can only tell you that defeating Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Australia suits me well!” Jean-Yves Le Drian took a step aside during his handover speech, to say, once again, all the good things he had thought about the now former Australian prime minister. Indeed, the defeat of the conservative head of state in Australia and the victory of the Labor Party was announced in the past hours, after the legislative elections.

Jean-Yves Le Drian criticizes him for deciding to unilaterally separatedeal of the centuryThe latter provided for France to build several submarines on behalf of the Australian Navy. This caused a serious crisis between the two countries, as well as with the United States and the United Kingdom, which won the contract. The French Foreign Minister then considered this to be a revelation “incompetence” From the Australian Prime Minister. “The actions taken at the time of their taking were brutal and cynical, I would even be inclined to say notorious incompetence”, continued on May 21. “I hope we can renew a frank and constructive dialogue with Australia in the future.‘, he concluded with that.

Unprecedented stampede

Australia has ended this contract of more than 50 billion euros, to turn to Anglo-American nuclear-powered submarines, for which the French buildings were not equipped. To express its outrage, France recalled its ambassador to the United States, an unprecedented action towards this historical ally, as well as towards Australia, at the origin of the crisis. Usually not very widespread, Jean-Yves Le Drian fired red bullets at the perpetrators in rather undiplomatic and rare terms. “Lying“,”double standard“,”contempt“…and reprimanded them for hiding their negotiations for months, denouncing”Big betrayal of trust“Between NATO allies and the United Kingdom treated with a pass”The fifth wheel of the wagon“.

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In early April, Australian authorities admitted that Canberra would have to pay up to 5.5 billion Australian dollars (3.7 billion euros) to end the agreement with France.

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