Le Casa in The Hague (50) Cultural Space in The Hague Beaumont The Hague Friday 20 January 2023

Le Casa in The Hague (50) Cultural Space in The Hague, January 20, 2023, Beaumont The Hague.

Le Casa in The Hague (50) Friday 20 January 2023, 8:30 pm Espace Culturel de la Hague

Le Casa Party, Barbara and Brill

Espace Culturel de la Hague rue des tohagues Beaumont-Hague 50440 Manche Normandie Barbara & Brel »» Le Casa. Moments from March 2020 in the studio during the recording of the disc “des u00e9changes, de pru00e9sences et d’absences” (November 2020 edition), moments from the concert at Bal Blomet u00e0 Paris on March 11, 2020, and excerpts from the interview. nnRu00e9alisation: Lu00e9o Devienne, nine collaborations with Marion Angelosanto and Marc Casann Watch the 11-minute EPK: https://youtu.be/Zl6FUQZyCus nn with: Marc Casa, Julien Aellion and Stu00e9phane Gasquet for Lou Casa[{«data»:{«author»:«LouCasa»«cache_age»:86400«description»:«Trailerpru00e9sentantlanouvellecru00e9ation«LouCasaBarbara&Brel»»deLouCasaIlmu00ealedesmomentsdu00e9butmars2020destudiolorsdel’enregistrementdudisque«»desu00e9changesdepru00e9sencesetd’absences»»(sortienovembre2020)desmomentsduconcertauBalBlometu00e0Parisle11mars2020etdesextraitsd’interviewnnRu00e9alisation:Lu00e9oDeviennenencollaborationavecMarionAngelosantoetMarcCasannRegarderlaversionEPK11mn:https://youtube/Zl6FUQZyCusnnAvec:MarcCasaJulienAellionStu00e9phaneGasquetpourLouCasa[{« data »:{« author »:« LouCasa »« cache_age »:86400« description »:« Trailerpru00e9sentantlanouvellecru00e9ation« LouCasaBarbara&Brel » »deLouCasaIlmu00ealedesmomentsdu00e9butmars2020destudiolorsdel’enregistrementdudisque«  »desu00e9changesdepru00e9sencesetd’absences » »(sortienovembre2020)desmomentsduconcertauBalBlometu00e0Parisle11mars2020etdesextraitsd’interviewnnRu00e9alisation:Lu00e9oDeviennenencollaborationavecMarionAngelosantoetMarcCasannRegarderlaversionEPK11mn:https://youtube/Zl6FUQZyCusnnAvec:MarcCasaJulienAellionStu00e9phaneGasquetpourLouCasa

“LOU CASA, BARBARA, BREL” is a new creation of the trio led by Marc Casa, blending improvised contemporary music, scripted songs and multiple artistic encounters.

After the musical album “Chansons de Barbara – to this day” in 2016 which was praised by the media (Télérama, Le Monde, L’Obs, France Musique …) and audiences of all generations; After he played and presented his version of Perlimpinpin in Matthew Amalric’s “Barbara”; a rich tour punctuated by concerts at La Philharmonie de Paris or the Strasbourg Opera; Here Lou Casa presents a new collection of Brill songs that reflect Barbara’s songs, the band finds unity, unexpected sensibilities and sensibilities, revealing the artistic bonds and friendships between these two artists. This season celebrates the release of the album “Lou Casa, Barbara & Brel”.

“Of all of Barbara’s conjugations, Lu Casa’s memories are one of her most accurate.” the scientist

“Their arrangements of piano, bass and organ percussion, carried by the singer’s striking voice, endow us with a contemporary intensity, but also with the subtlety of their interpretation.” Telerama

“A unique and talented spirit passes over the works of Barbara and Brill.” Gallery review

Perhaps Barbara would have been seduced by this contradictory tribute. » ⋆⋆⋆⋆ ops

“An unforgettable sound that stays with you long after the show.” Mediapart

“A show that should appeal to programmers because it is more than just a tribute to Barbara, it is an honor.” Le Figaro


Find the 11-minute EPK video transcript and other videos on Lou Casa’s website

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2023-01-20T20:30:00 + 01:00
2023-01-20 T22: 00: 00 + 01: 00

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