LCF: Reflection Comes On Singles

The Montreal Alouettes will propose a major change to the Canadian Football League (CFL) rules regarding singles.

The procedure, which is unique to home football, allows a team to score a point when the kicker misses a field goal or fumbles the ball into the back of the end zone.

This year, the Alouettes lost their October 22nd game this way. In the final seconds of the game, the Toronto Argonauts missed a field goal. Kick return specialist Chandley Worthy caught the ball when one foot was just outside the boundary of the drive zone on the rear. So “Argus” scored a point, which allowed them to win 24 to 23.

At that moment in the press gallery, media representatives spoke in horror at the possibility of the Gray Cup match ending like this.

It didn’t happen in the final game of the 2022 CFL season, but Université Laval Rouge et Or won the Dunsmore Cup against Université de Montréal Carabins in a single game on November 12th.

Returner Carl Chaput was unable to leave the end zone or clear the ball with his foot (as the rules allow) after Vincent Blanchard missed his field goal attempt. This allowed Glen Constantine’s men to celebrate a 25-24 victory over their eternal rivals.

Did you finish in the last three minutes?

The president of the Alouettes, Mario Cecchini, never hid that he wasn’t a fan of singles. He also intends to propose a change at the next meeting of the big guns in the ring.

“We have meetings with the league during the second week of January, and this is on the agenda,” he revealed on Tuesday, during his team’s review of the season.

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“There are teams in favor and others not in favor. We are one of the clubs that wants to amend this regulation. Besides, there are very good suggestions that have been made about it, such as the idea of ​​removing it during the last three minutes of the fourth quarter.

“I have a friend at the University of Montreal who lost the Dunsmore Cup like that… He will be part of the discussions we will have in the coming months,” added general manager Danny Macusia, who was in attendance alongside her president. .

According to our information, the reluctance to change from singles comes from CFL purists, mainly based in the west of the country. They feared the mod would open Pandora’s box and set a very big precedent.

Image matter

For Anthony Calvillo, Ambrossi’s circuit must consider the question to avoid being the laughing stock of the soccer world.

“It’s a rule that’s part of CFL history. It would be terrible to see the Gray Cup end like this. It will be talked about everywhere, not only in Canada, but also in the United States,” said the Als’ chief quarterback.

The former CFL field guard and center loves the idea of ​​stripping singles during the final moments of a game.

“It’s a very interesting choice and it makes sense. No one wants someone to win the championship on a flop.”

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