Laying the foundations for a new business club

Sariburg already hosts many business clubs. “But what we want to create stands out from the crowd,” says Elodie Girard, business director at Sarıborg. She is one of six professionals who wanted to offer a new service to their entrepreneurial peers: a business club sponsored by BNI (International Business Network), a network created in 1985 in the United States.

We welcome both the small business owner and the head of a large company. Everyone can bring something for the other

“BNI is No. 1 globally in terms of word of mouth among business leaders,” she notes. Meetings are held every week, allowing us to get to know each other better, forge stronger bonds, and thus recommend us more effectively. The local network also played a role in partner selection. Lunéville, Drulingen and Savern Elodie Gerrard insists he already has a BNI business club.

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22 members signed

Excavation work began several months ago. It is on its way to being fulfilled. On Thursday, at Les Terrasses de Sarrebourg shopping center, about two dozen business leaders gathered for a business meeting. “We already have 22 members,” Elodie Girard says. On September 9, we will meet for the pre-launch of our club, which will be officially established at the end of September, and the expected number of members is expected to reach forty. “

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This BNI des 2 Sarres aims to develop everyone for their turn, through word of mouth, polarization and recommendations. “There is no recommended profile,” asserts one of the initiators of the project. We welcome both the small business owner and the head of a large company. Everyone can contribute something to the other. ”

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