Lawrence Fox apologizes for hoping England will lose after kneeling

Lawrence responded to his comments about his desire to lose England (Photo: Rex/.)

Lawrence Fox said he took a “step too far” in wanting England to pull out of the Euro in the first round after kneeling.

With the team now reaching the finals, after their 2-1 win over Denmark on Wednesday night at Wembley, the actor-turned-politician said that while he had not asked for his previous comments, he still did not support the team on its knees. .

S’adressant à Twitter jeudi, Laurence – qui est le chef du Reclaim Party – a partage un long fil dans lequel il abordé le geste, qui est considéré comme un appel à l’égalité non seulement dans le sport mais dans tous aspects from the community.

‘straight. It’s hard to admit you made a mistake, but as I tell my kids, it’s important to admit it when you think you made a mistake. Here it is,” Lawrence began on social networks. “I have always been behind England in any sport and any English team in any competition.”

He continued: “I think England is the most wonderful country in the world. We have done so much to promote equality in this country that people aspire to come here and make the UK their home.

“So it was disappointing to see the England football team kneel for ‘equality’.”

The White Lines star, who has long shared his hatred of the knee, said he considered the move a “deep insult to those who work tirelessly for everything we’ve done to become a truly inclusive, warm and welcoming community that we are all part of”.

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England captain Harry Kane was seen taking a knee last night (Image: Europe)

However, sharing his past feelings, he admitted that he crossed the line, apologizing for “being an idiot”.

Lawrence wrote: “But saying I want England to lose just for them to kneel is a step too far. I should have just said how I felt about kneeling and continued to support the team.

They are young. Their intentions are undoubtedly noble, although I still categorically disagree with what they do, there is no point in saying that I want them to lose, especially at a time when national morale needs a boost.

“You can hate kneeling and love the team, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

To say he wants to see “the withdrawal of politics from football”, he wants fans to “simply take back the joy of the beautiful game” that, according to him, “brings us together”.

However, Lawrence did not finish criticizing the gesture, hitting the idea of ​​children kneeling on the playground.

“Do they know why they are kneeling?” I certainly don’t. “It is sad, unnecessary and divisive,” he said before returning to his first statement. “But again, I hope your team loses because they joined in that trash.” So here it is. I’m sorry for being an idiot.

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Last month, Lawrence described English footballers as “wake-up young millionaires”, claiming he was “embarrassed to be British”, while again saying the boos from those on their knees were “a nice thing to hear”.

He wrote: “I am embarrassed to be British. I hope any team other than ours will win in any future sporting endeavor. Just tell me one thing to put my mind at ease?”

Plus: black lives matter

“Millionaire wake up kids protesting inequality with $200,000 a week. We deserve it all.

“Weak men. Little.’

Lawrence added her best wishes to England’s opponents: “My prayers are to Croatia, the Czech Republic and Scotland. Take down these awakened English children.

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