Laval missile Cole Caufield’s first training

Cole Caufield’s first hits in the pro ranks were far behind. This move was finally removed from the list on Tuesday morning.

Simon Oliver LawrangeSimon Oliver Lawrange

The 20-year-old striker participated in his first training session with Laval Rocket at the Bell Center.

He had previously been forced to go through a week of complete isolation since arriving from the United States.

The young man looked frantically, he trembled as he jumped on the ice. He recovered quickly, but after a few steps, he received a welcome from his new coach, Joel Bouchard, who gave him a friendly check. The team also immortalized the moment and posted it on their social networks. We see Cofield smiling with all his teeth.

While Rocket was playing against Stockton in the evening, it was a team briefing, mostly aimed at relaxing their legs.

However, Caufield spent an additional fifteen minutes with the club’s reserve.

Bouchard took the opportunity to chat with his winger, giving him tips on how to put his stick in the cap of a senior player on the Blue Line.


Cole Caufield listens to Rocket Coach Joel Bouchard.

Earlier, however, Caufield made sure to show his skills to his team-mates. A heavy blow to the reception, unchecked by the confrontation circuit, an enthusiastic cry from Ryan Poehling, propagated in front of the network. A few minutes later, goalkeeper Michael McNevan froze in front of the sharp and accurate wrist shot given to him by the now-wearing number 44.

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A true reminder that his 30 goals in 31 matches in his final season in the NCAA were not a fluke.

“He’s cool,” striker Cam Hillis said in a videoconference when asked to make his first impressions of his new teammate.


Cole Caufield is in action in training.

not now

Even if the missile deals with so many casualties, coach Joel Bouchard is out of the question for Caufield to formally enter the squad before the weekend – perhaps Friday in Toronto. So he will watch the Tuesday night match from the stands and be able to participate in his first full training session on Wednesday.

The Americans’ last game is March 26th, so it’s been a full 10 days since skiing. Bouchard remembers that the leap from the college ranks to the Major League Soccer should not be neglected. Under the circumstances, playing with him would be “inhuman,” he thinks.

“If we have to put three defenders on the offensive, we will,” he said, explaining his refusal to quickly throw Caufield into battle.

“We are there to supervise the players and make sure they win.”

This does not prevent Bouchard from actually having his “little idea” about the specific role he will give to Caufield in the event of a match, but he has not revealed more. Unsurprisingly, the right-handed person has actually participated in quite a few strength-playing actors.


Bouchard noted that he had spent time with the striker at the latest development camp in the Canadiens, in the summer of 2019. So he knew what to expect in terms of his stance and his manner of behavior at home.

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Caufield’s quarantine week also confirmed the young man’s thirst for learning.

“In our meetings with Zoom, we saw it with his paper and pencil,” said the trainer. He texted me during the Canadian matches. He wants to understand, he wants to learn, he wants to score, but he knows there will be adjustments. You cannot score that many goals with your head in the air. ”

We have also seen Cofield discuss at length with defender Josh Brooke between two exercises. Previously, he had spent time with Michael Peseta.


Cole Caufield and Josh Brooke

The reason is very simple: Bouchard expects veterans, even the youngest, to take newcomers under their wing.

“I won’t go to the board on purpose,” he assured. I hadn’t told him about the practice, and he had no idea. I want men to help each other, to go through this together. I just have to say the name ExercisesThey know what to do. It is up to them to help [Caufield] To go to the right place, it is up to him to find solutions. ”

Sometimes Bouchar imposes things a little by asking one of his men to go and help a recruiter. “But sometimes I have nothing to say at all,” he added.

This is clearly what happened Tuesday morning. Cofield was like a fish in the water.

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