Laval is still in the red after the break

The Quebec government announced that five new territories will move into the Orange Zone starting Monday, March 8th, which does not include, however, the Laval Region.

Target areas are Capitale-Nationale, Chaudière-Appalaches, Mauricie, Estrie and Center-du-Québec.

Francois Legault justified the decision to keep certain areas in the red zone due to the possibility of seeing an increase in cases and hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in the greater metropolitan area in the coming weeks.

This increase could be due in particular to the increased presence of the variant from the UK.

The Prime Minister said, “We find ourselves in a race against time, opposing the effects of leakage and the variables of the comprehensive vaccination process.” […] We leave certain areas in the red zone, because they have no room for maneuver in their hospitals. “

Areas that will now find themselves in the orange zone will especially benefit from the reopening of gyms and restaurants. Elementary students will not have to wear the mask in class until fifth grade.

The provincial government also plans to receive nearly 800,000 doses of the vaccine during the next month.

Sports deconfinement

François Legault also announced a phasing out of the sports world, even in the red.

Public Health has offered its consent to resume extracurricular sports from March 15. This also includes public outings for school groups. The greater ease of controlling exercise in a school setting justifies this decision.

Note that a full sports elimination plan will be announced next week.

Laval’s balance sheet

With a total of 24,861 people who tested positive for COVID-19, Laval saw an increase of 80 cases within 24 hours. The death toll has remained stable at 869 since the start of the epidemic.

The CISSS de Laval also has 23,296 cures, which means it now exists 696 active cases (-27) confirmed in Laval County.

Of the injured, 27 were hospitalized, including 9 in intensive care.

15 WHO employees are still absent from work due to COVID-19.

Evaluation in CHSLD and RPA

Four private residences for the elderly (RPA) in Laval are currently affected by the COVID-19 virus. Here is the complete list of them:

  • Résidence Soleil – Le Manoir: 10 cases, 1% infected;
  • Ararat residency: 1% infected case;
  • Willow garden: 1 infestation, less than 1%.
  • Residence le Renoir: 1 case, less than 1% infected.

Regional situation

In Quebec, the death toll now stands at 289,670 cases and 10,426 deaths.

  • Laval : 24861
  • Montreal: 107086
  • Laurentides: 16479
  • Lanodier: 20425
  • Montreal: 41972
  • Capital National: 22.521
  • Mauricie – Center-du-Quebec: 12820
  • Estrie: 11616
  • Ottawa: 6373
  • Shoudyear Appalachia: 11708
  • Bas Saint Laurent: 1564
  • Saguenay Lac Saint Jean: 8825
  • Abetype-timecamming: 852
  • North Shore: 354
  • Northern Quebec: 87
  • Gaspésie-les-de-la-Madeleine: 1708
  • Teres-Chris-De-La-Bay-James: 119
  • Nunavik: 44
  • Outside Quebec: 252
  • The area to be defined: 4

A total of 618 people are still in hospital, of whom 120 are in intensive care.

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