Laurent Lafitte in Bernard Tapie leather for Netflix

It is in the form of a series of six episodes, each of 45 minutes duration Netflix will treat a case Bernard Tabe
! Announced this week, it will be titled ” wonders It will cover twenty years of an eclectic personal life. From singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, we will find him since the 1960s, when he took his first steps in the professional world. ” Bernard Tapie knew it all. Through his successes and failures, Wonderman traces the romantic fate of an extraordinary public figure. » It also specifies the summary. Tristan Séguéla (“16 or so”), who will also be the director, and Olivier Demangel (“Baron Noir”) are the origins of the project, which will be produced by Bruno Nahon (“Louise Wimmer”). ” In the series we will talk about recording a disc. We will tell his adventure in the song, how he gave himself the means to realize his ambitions. He was then a young man from the northern suburbs, very ambitious and suddenly very likeable. He had plenty of guns, great banter, an extraordinary ability to engage in ten projects at the same time… and we’d bring him up until the early ’90s. Olivier Demanangel revealed to Première.

In the main role we will find Laurent LafitteAbout whom the project was built. ” We both thought he looked incredibly similar to Bernard Tapie. We thought about it about the same time “Tristan Siguila told the magazine a conversation note with the actor,” I told him at that point that I wanted to work on a fantasy project dedicated to the legend, Bernard Tapie. And it turned out that it was also something he dreamed of doing! So we hit each other in the hand. We kept in mind this desire to work together again. The “Little Tissue” star will not only lend his features to Tappy, but participate in “the building of the series” and the creative process that accompanies it from the start as a true partner.

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As for Olivier Demangel, who later got to the project, it was the “charm of the character” and the “incredibly romantic” aspect of his entire career that attracted him. “.” A character who could come straight out of a novel by Alexandre Dumas, a singer, politician, industrialist and father of a family at the same time. From his proletarian origins as a working son to the Champions League final! »Explanation of the Première. He also wanted to distance himself from Bernard Tapie, explaining that he did not take part in the series (even if he was aware of the existence of the project), which, moreover, would not be an exact adaptation of his life: ” Even if we don’t have the ambition to do journalistic work in his career, this track is such a huge side to the character, which makes him a good fictional hero. (…) Our goal is not to file an indictment against or against Tappy. Nor to put a Wikipedia file in pictures. We try to work with the guy. So obviously we’ll be more into fiction than documentaries. »

It will at least be necessary to wait until the end of 2022, or even the beginning of 2023, before finding “Wonderman” on Netflix, since the scripts are still at the end of writing, “until the end of the year”, and shooting is planned.. in next March. Note that the series is designed to be self-sufficient, but other seasons may be considered, “due to the main character’s life.”

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