Last season sloppy!

The fourth and final season of the series good girls It arrives today on Netflix a few days after its US broadcast. Still carried by its three iconic actresses (Christina Hendricks, Rita, Mae Whitman, and Manny Montana), this season is a small disappointment.

On July 2, NBC put an end to the adventures of Beth Boland, her sister and their best friends, the series’ great thief mothers. good girl. If we loved the first episodes of the series created by Gina Banes and produced (and translated) by Christina Hendricks, its ending leaves us a little hungry.

Badly finished story

Fans are reassured, not because NBC has somewhat scrambled at the end of the series. good girls, that the network forgot to conclude the story for all that. However, this ending that is happening today in France, on Netflix, is unfortunately very sloppy.

It’s even more unfortunate that we feel that Season 4 was written to revive the machine that started purring. A conflict arose between Rio (Manny Montana) and his brother/cousin, and Beth (Christina Hendricks) was at the center of the issues, of course. Two recently laid off FBI agents are back more determined than ever, while Dan (Matthew Lillard) and Stan (Reno Wilson) are caught in the clutches of a male cult (that’s roughly a summary). In short, there are a lot of fun ingredients. And for the truth, the fourth season started off very well.

Unfortunately, it’s somewhat of a hybrid: with 5 more episodes than usual, it certainly ends the story, but in such an extreme and hurried way in a final episode that one thinks it’s written urgently and under stress.

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Behind the scenes, it is rumored that this shutdown is caused by an internal conflict

If you feel that the end of the season is in a hurry, this is not really a coincidence because it is already a primitive case. Season 4 was originally scheduled to be the penultimate season of good girls, But the misunderstanding between the two main characters: Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana would have ended the adventure before its time. At least that’s how it appears From a recent article by TV LinNS.

It must be said that one of them (Christina Hendricks) was also a producer of the series, which should not help in these cases. With that said, for the interface, everyone on the networks was moved by the end of this TV adventure.

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