Large venues and stadiums are reopening in New York

Larger auditoriums and auditoriums may reopen in New York at 10% capacity from February 23, after being closed for almost a year.

The governor of New York State announced Wednesday that large auditoriums and auditoriums may reopen by 10% on Feb. 23, almost a year after it closes.

With a 10% threshold for rooms that can accommodate more than 10,000 people, Andrew Cuomo said it would be a precursor, closed, without giving further information about low-capacity buildings.

Entry requires a negative PCR test

To attend a show or sporting event, visitors must provide a certificate of negative PCR test of less than 72 hours at the entrance and take their temperature. Once in the room, they must wear a mask and respect the rules of physical distance.

From Feb. 23, the Barclays Center, a room that can accommodate 17,700 spectators in a basketball structure, and the famed Madison Square Garden will have 19,800 seats.

NBA “about 2000 spectators per game”

In Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets’ professional league NBA team will be allowed to host spectators for the game against the Sacramento Kings, while in Manhattan the Nix will host the Golden State Warriors.

This is the first time in 352 days that the Nets and Knicks have played in front of their spectators. Brooklyn and New York have played at home several times this season, but always behind closed doors.

In a message posted on Twitter on Wednesday, the New York Rangers, the NHL Hockey League team playing at Madison Square Garden, announced that they would resume welcoming spectators to the February 26 game against the Boston Bruins. The Knicks and Rangers plan to bring in “about 2,000 spectators per game” or 10% in the usual tone.

The winning bet?

To combat the epidemic, Andrew Cuomo banned all events that brought together more than 500 people on March 12, and a suspension was soon extended to all events and sporting events.

New York State conducted its first test on January 9 by recognizing the NFL American Football League’s Buffalo Pills Club to accommodate 6,700 spectators for the playoff game. Everyone in the arena with a total of 71,600 seats must have previously tested negative.

The formula for another Pills playoff game was rolled out next week. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the governor and state health officials considered the test conclusive.

Many U.S. states already allow large venues to welcome the public, especially in Florida, where the Super Bowl took place on Sunday, in front of 25,000 people.

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