Large study confirms Pfizer vaccine effectiveness of 94%

by JC | Posted on 02/27/2021 at 3:30 PM | Updated on 02/27/2021 at 3:30 PM

A large study was conducted in Israel on 1.2 million people, at a time when the British variant was spreading in the country, this study showed that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine reached 94%. This is the first study on this scale to be conducted “in the real world”. In this way, he confirms the impact of intensive vaccination campaigns to end the epidemic.

Published in the New England Journal of Journalism on Wednesday, this paper does indeed explain the benefits of vaccination against infection risk and transmission. For a virologist from A&M University in Texas (not involved in this research), this study is very hopeful because the fact that the results are so good, in the real world moreover, indicates that we now have the means to put an end to COVID-19.

Note that the study was conducted between December 20 and 1is being February, when the English variant was endemic to Israel, which made the vaccine performance all the more impressive. In detail, the vaccine was found to be 57% effective within 14 to 20 days after vaccination with 1Time dose. This result increases to 94% after 7 days of the 2nd vaccinationY dose. Additionally, people who received the two doses were found to be better protected against hospitalization and even death. They are also 92% less likely (than those who are not vaccinated) to contract any form of infection.

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