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Despite attempts to spray and stifle his legacy, sometimes even going so far as to hide his pictures, ban his works, and dismantle his statues, Bourguiba is still ingrained in the minds of Tunisian generations. Writer Abdel Aziz Kassem comments: “Bourguiba never dies, he is irreplaceable, he has earned a place in the temple of history.”

The Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, House of Wisdom, organized an international symposium on June 1 and 2 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Bourguiba and to celebrate the day of his triumphant return on June 1, 1955.
The professor and the president of the academy confirm that, in light of this dual symbolism, this international meeting was held in honor of the founder of the Tunisian national state and to bring him out of oblivion in which he had been held for decades. Mahmoud bin Ramadan during the opening session, which was marked by the presence of Fouad Mbazaa, Mohamed Al-Nasser, ambassadors and a group of famous academics from Algeria, France and the United States of America.

This symposium follows the symposium organized by the Academy and the Association for Bourguiba Studies in June 2022 on the topic of Bourguiba the reformer. It aims to restore a historical reality and its outstanding contribution to the establishment of the national state.
The subject was approached from an academic angle with his awareness of the charm Bourguiba often used to wield over those who knew him or were close to him.

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