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The training offered by Pôle emploi is a Professional Landscape Certification that will be offered from September 2021 to May 2022 at the CFPPA in Kernellen.

Free and paid training in green spaces that meets business requirements. This is what Allion recruitment center From September 2021 to May 2022.” There is no diploma, just come excited », Smiles Chantal Lecointe-Laumond, Director of Pôle emploi Lannion. An opportunity that still has time to seize as 4 places are available.

training session

At the origin of this innovative training there is a subtle note: many job seekers in the green space sector do not succeed in obtaining a stable job because they do not have a diploma. On the other hand, companies with new societal expectations face differentiated management.

Therefore, the Lannion Employment Center mobilized about thirty professionals in this sector to list the new challenges they face, in order to integrate them into the training that meets their needs.

“This is the first time we have come out of the classic catalog of courses offered by the region.”

Chantal Le Quant Le Monde confirmsEmployment Center Manager in Lannion

Consequently, many aspects emanating from the CSR Charter have been incorporated into the Certificate in Professional Landscaping, offered by the Center for General and Vocational Training for Adults (CFPPA) in nucleus.

Respecting biodiversity, preserving the environment, through alternative conservation techniques, eco-grazing, beekeeping, zerophyto or even fertilization. Also the following have been added: Trailer License Pass, CACES Plus a point about knowledge of plants.

Paid training from the region

“In light of the discussions and enthusiasm of the companies we have worked with, there is a good chance that all interns will be hired directly at the end of the training”

Chantal Le Quant Le MondeEmployment Center Manager in Lannion

In addition to gaining new professional skills, interns will continue to receive their return to work allowance. If they cannot reach it, the Brittany region will pay them bonuses for the duration of the training.

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