Land in their garden and take them on a helicopter ride!

Tom Cruise gave a nice surprise to a family that let him land in their backyard. As the mother of the family explained, he offered his children a ride in a helicopter.

The great comedian Lord Lord asked the helicopter pilot to take the children and their friends on a trip, while he had a date.

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Tom Cruise surprised his helicopter in the garden of a British family, and offered them a boat ride!

The star is still in the UK where he is filming the upcoming Mission Impossible, and had to find an emergency landing spot when the Warwickshire airport where he was going to land was temporarily closed. Then the Webb family was warned that the star had to land, and they agreed to let the actor land in their garden, not knowing who it was.

“I thought it would be good for the kids to see the helicopter land in the park,” Alison Webb told the BBC. And she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Tom Cruise come out.

“He went straight to the kids to talk to them, then he came up to us, gave us an elbow exam and thanked us,” she adds with shock.

Then the comedian took pictures with the family, and asked the pilot to take the children and their friends on tour, while he had a date. Tom Cruise and his partner Hailey Atwell are close to filming at Birmingham Station.

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