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the smile. Determination. What Severine Tamborero is currently observing on Lil’ Fernandez is nothing new to her.

Frederic Duchesneau

Frederic Duchesneau

“What we see today, the smiling girl, who has a passion for tennis, who takes the world on board, has had that since she was very young,” says U10 Director of Development and High Performance Clubs at Tennis Canada for seven years.

At the age of 10, Leila Fernandez has already claimed that she wants to become a professional. What if it doesn’t work? We asked him.

His response: “It’s impossible not to work,” M . reportsI drummer;

Last week, I came across Fernandez at Flushing Meadows. Focused on supporting the young players from the National Tennis Center in the junior qualifications, little did she know that Quebec would face Naomi Osaka, third in the world rankings and winner of four major titles.

“She heard my name, I turned around and it was Leila’s mother,” says Séverine Tamborero. It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. We were talking about everything and nothing with Lila, and on one occasion I told her mother, I thought Lila looked good. Oh really. She seemed so happy to be there, to enjoy the moment.

“It’s a person Leader through emotion. And there, the fact that being in the center, with all that is going on and the people behind it, is clearly in her best interest. ”

appropriate context

The US Open environment and the atmosphere there really seems to be serving the 19-year-old at the moment.

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Severin Tamborero argues that beating Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber and Elina Svitolina requires a combination of factors in quick succession. Talent – although she has plenty of it – is not enough.

For someone who performs well, the energy of the New York Championship can contribute, and make an impact.

She hates to lose. She hated losing at the age of 10, and she still hates losing today.

Séverine Tamborero, U10 Development Manager and High Performance Clubs Tennis Canada

His strong will to succeed has also been unwavering over the years, fueled by doubts about him.

“How many times has she been told that she is too young to succeed or that she will be limited…” confirms MI drummer;

Next target: Sabalenka

For the 5’6-inch player, the next challenge will be tough: Belarusian Arina Sabalenka, second in the world rankings. The clash will begin at seven in the evening this Thursday.


Arina Sabalenka

Before the US Open, Leila Fernandez finished 73NS Leadership. You will be, at worst, in best 40 after the tournament.

Séverine Tamborero has feared Aryna Sabalenka, the “her” player since the beginning of the year.

“She has ball speed, that’s a thing. She’ll go fast. But then again, she might lose control. Right now, Leylah is so good and calm in her game and in the kind of tennis she’s playing that she wouldn’t allow herself to swing against a Sabalenka who might take off. I did exactly that against Osaka, I took advantage of that,” he analyzed.

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“As fast as Sabalenka hits the ball, in theory, Leylah wouldn’t be able to play on the court, hit the ball early and be on balls all the time. But if you force a hitter like that to play out of position, the other will make a lot of mistakes and there, Anything can happen, as they say. ”

Everything can happen. Sum up Laila Fernandez’s week in three words.

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