Lagardère Publishing declined slightly in the third quarter of 2021

For Lagardère Publishing, the third quarter of 2021 shows an 8% decrease in results compared to the same period, in 2020: €696 million versus €704 million. However, during the period from January to the end of September, the positivity is still to be seen, at a cumulative €1.8 billion (+9% in the published data, +10% likewise).

In France, a decrease in turnover of 3% was reported, ” Due to lack of school reform in 2021 And in particular the higher numbers over the same period, in 2020, due to a rebound in sales after holding periods. Pass culture still has a significant impact on sales, says Lagardère. Obviously, the end of the year will be marked by sales of .’s new albumAsterix, which generally leads to a higher turnover of Lagardère.

In the UK, the same drop in turnover was observed, this time explaining the good sales of the book midnight sunWritten by Stephanie Meyer last year at the same time. Across the Atlantic, the same bestseller, but also publications related to Black Lives Matter Movement, had raised sales in 2020, and profits for the third quarter of 2021 fell by 9%.

Forms: A decrease in Editis was observed in the third trimester

Conversely, Spain and Latin America rose by 4%, thanks to the rise in activity in Mexico, in particular. Brochures, especially in France and the UK, have also recovered well, with +9% of revenue in this segment.

The digital book weight in Lagardère Publishing’s total sales was 8.4% versus 9.9%, and the digital audiobook weighed 3.6% versus 3.7% in the third quarter of 2020.

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Annual results for 2021 will be announced in February.

Photography: Illustration, ActuaLitté, CC BY SA 2.0

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