LACC urges US to end presidential vacancy

Ahead of Wednesday’s twelfth parliamentary session scheduled to elect a president, the Lebanese American Coordination Committee (LACC) sent a letter to the US State Department and Congress, asking them to “help end the presidential vacuum.” in Lebanon”.

Founded by Lebanon and bringing together eight American organizations in the United States, the LACC stressed in its letter the consequences of the seven-month-long presidential vacuum.

“The LACC follows closely and with great interest and concern the June 14 parliamentary session dedicated to electing a president. For their part, the United States, through the Department of State and the House of Representatives, has previously called. Parliament Speaker Nabi Perry must act quickly to elect a president who will facilitate the initiation of economic reforms, and Lebanon He called on leaders to prioritize ‘national interests over their personal interests’.

The committee thus called on the United States, Arab states and the international community to “use their diplomatic influence to:

1. Urge the Speaker of Parliament to fully assume his responsibilities under the Constitution to hold Parliament open until the election of a President and prevent any attempt to obstruct or block this election.

2. Emphasize the seriousness of the presidential vacancy and urge MPs to take up their responsibilities by participating in all sessions scheduled for this and to vote for the ‘right’ candidate instead of casting blank ballots.

The LACC is made up of eight American organizations: the Assembly for Lebanon (AFL), the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU), the Lebanese-American Renaissance Partnership (Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership- LARP), the Lebanon Information Center (LIC), Our New Lebanon (ONL), Shields of United Lebanon (SOUL) and the Civic Influence Hub (CIH), a Lebanese pressure group whose mission is to mobilize the Lebanese people around viable and effective socio-economic political programs and promote progress. National governance by building a partnership between the public sector, private sector and civil society.

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