Labor shortage: the Chaudière-Appalaches business community in the National Assembly

Businessmen and elected officials from the Chodier Appalachian region went to the National Assembly on Tuesday to discuss solutions to the labor shortage with parliamentarians.

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Among their demands, we ask the government for a contingency plan to avoid getting stuck in a wall.

“One element that strikes the imagination is that we see that we will eventually run out of manpower. Levis Mayor Jill Lehweiler, after revealing the results of an extensive survey conducted by area residents, explained that there are approximately 58% of companies that could consider relocating their business Or moved to other places., Mon.

“The majority of our companies, let’s face it, most importantly have a foothold throughout the United States,” said St. George’s Mayor, Claude Morin.

There were 37 today to propose solutions and discuss with government authorities. They want a contingency plan. Labor Minister Jean Boulet listened to them and said he was ready to continue working with them.

“Most of the proposed solutions are already in use. Therefore, there is a challenge in making our procedures and programs better known.

Everything seemed to be on the same wavelength, on the other hand, the prime minister of Quebec shared a different view of the problem in the afternoon, during the question period.

“Entrepreneurs, we have to ask ourselves questions: Are we able to increase salaries? Are we able to get better working conditions to attract increasingly scarcer workers?” said Mr. Legault.

Opinion stunned liberal leader Dominic Engled.

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“It’s not a story where you find one, two or three people applying for a position and that creates competition, and no one is applying!” She said she was scared.

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