Labor retains one of their strongholds

The British Labor Party succeeded in keeping one of its strongholds in the legislative process against the Conservatives in the north of England, which served as a test for the leader of the main opposition, Khair Stormer.

With 35.27% of the vote, Labor is the European MP. Joe Cox’s sister, Kim Leadpeter, who was assassinated a week before the Brexit referendum in 2016, won the Battle of Spain (Yorkshire) constituency at the expense of Tori Ryan Stephenson (34.42%). , According to results announced early Friday. “I am very pleased that Batley and Spain all chose to reject this section and vote for confidence.Said the winner.

By-elections were held on Thursday in the constituency that has voted for Labor since 1997 following the resignation of outgoing MP Tracy Propin, who was elected mayor of West Yorkshire in mid-May.

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This has been closely scrutinized in an area where the Conservatives have made strong progress in recent years, leading to intense campaigning.Red wall“From the north of England, which has historically been occupied by Labor, the Left camp was weakened by the candidacy of George Galloway, a former deputy and former Labor leader and leader of a small extremist party, with the intent of harming Khair Stormer.

The latter is a “on Twitter”Fantastic result“And”Positive propaganda of faith“Led by Kim Leadpeter”Facing splits“.

The victory comes after the Conservatives captured a Labor stronghold in Hartlbull (Northeast), a relief to Khair Stormer, who is increasingly suffering within his party. He was more centered than his left-wing predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, who took over as party leader in April 2020, following Labor’s severe defeat in the legislative elections, promising to put training back on track.

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