La Samaritaine reveals the largest beauty area in Europe!

Written by Rislin F.

La Samaritaine reopens on June 23, 2021. After 16 years of waiting, Parisians and tourists can now discover the revival of the capital’s smallest department store. And surprise: it reveals the largest beauty area in Europe!

It’s one of the biggest comebacks this year. Samaritan, the famous big shop Located in the historical heart of the capital this finally opens its doors Wednesday 23 June 2021. So Parisians celebrate their reunion with that cult title they’ve been waiting for for 16 years.

Samaritan Samaritan Samaritan La Samaritaine finally opens its doors on June 23!
In Paris, the return of the Samaritans was eagerly awaited. Tentatively scheduled for April 2020, the opening date of the famous store on Rivoli Street has finally been revealed: June 23, 2021!

They will then discover the smallest department stores, but the largest concept stores. during business, Samaritans He witnessed a real facelift. if his historical part shine back, LVMH However it made this place a trendy place. This is how we discover an address that addresses all generations!

And in this news Samaritans, we discover a huge space dedicated to Beauty and luxury. We weigh our words: it is the largest in Europe and means 3000 square meters! In particular, we discover a beauty studio, spa and the promise of exclusivity: enough for a head-to-toe beauty boost!

We can’t wait to discover this new Parisian spot, right?

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