La Mans Sky launches Beachhead, its second expedition

At the end of March, Hello Games presented their new update called Expeditions, which introduced a new concept to players. The goal in particular is to explore the universe through several missions, as a team, which clearly allows to unlock many interesting rewards., Sometimes exclusively for these campaigns. According to the developers, this novelty has been well received by society, which is why No Man’s Sky has just launched its second campaign.

Are called Sea head (Tête de Pont in French) and offers completely different missions and excursions from the first Pioneers expedition. Players will always start together, from a new rescue, on the same planet, to save time and have the actions well coordinated. Then, The plot will be directed and it will allow, once all the minor missions are validated, to unlock new content.

In addition, the 3.40 update, In addition to correcting some issues, it tells us that Nada and Pollo’s research on board this anomaly is progressing well, given their discovery. Wiggle in history already written The update is already available for download on all platforms. You can learn all the details about Official site.

Reminder, No Mans Sky Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. If you still don’t have it, our partner It offers Instant Gaming on PC for 15.15 € instead of 54.99 €, or a 72% discount.

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