‘La Maison’ on Netflix: 3 Disturbing and Poetic Tales of Three Talents of Craftsmanship

On Friday, Netflix airs an anthology that brings together three discontinued animated films around the home theme. Nice pick.

From the arithmetic bowels of the streaming giant sometimes unexpected treasures. Far from the homepage spotlights, they sparkle with a faint glow buried in the uncharted depths of the netflix catalog. the home It could be one of those.

The trilogy brings us together in the form of an anthology (or rather a film with sketches) three short stories produced entirely in stop mode by three talents of independent animation, and this curiosity drives us into a strange and delicate world, halfway between a dream. Tale and black comedy.

Three original stories

In the first part, the father of a dispossessed family signs a Faust pact with a strange architect: to restore the honor of his descendants, the stranger offers him to move for free to the stately mansion he is building in its upper part. Hill, and the only counterpart is the obligation to live there with his family, giving up his little cottage. The work seems so good, the father and his wife, afflicted by this ascendancy of Providence, gradually lose their reasons, then slowly, leaving their two young daughters alone to explore the bays of the palace that never ceases to transform, as if subject to the demiurgic visions of the architect.

The second story plunges us into the local hell of a real estate developer (a human rat) who falls into debt and is unable to sell his life’s business: a country house that has been completely restored, but does not find a buyer. Plagued by thousands of cockroaches at first, curious visitors will soon, slyly and without apparent intrusion, invade the home of our unfortunate mouse, causing it to sink slowly but surely into a frantic frenzy.

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Finally, the final part follows the travels of Rosa, a human-like cat, owner of a building from which water gradually flows after a flood of unknown nature engulfed the rest of the city. Reluctant to make the building the home of her dreams, the young woman closes her eyes relentlessly to the coming catastrophe.

The house is the place of all dangers

in its own way, the home He revisits the secular theme of the haunted house, but opens up to it from awe or horror: it is not ghosts that haunt the houses, but the whims of their occupants. Parents who are splintering from caste, more attached to their new social status than to the comfort of their own home (even if it means losing their humanity), or the denial of Rosa, who refuses to see disaster ahead, or the real estate developer, who lets strangers invade his house like black thoughts: Home is always represented as a mental prison, where our shattered dreams and disappointed hopes, our baseless ambitions and our secret appetites live. Fortunately, every home has a back door…

With great animation hand made, all cotton dolls and cartoon houses, the home It draws its influence from the works of illustrious elders—from the gothic sensibilities and handcrafted animations of Tim Burton to the morbid and perfectly symmetrical compositions of Louis Anderson—and depicts the world like a dollhouse, in which dolls are fallible human beings (or animals), subject to their desires, implausible but, Ultimately and above all, they are able to change.

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