La Liga: Where and when to watch El Clasico Barcelona – Real Madrid

Barcelona receives Real Madrid today in the 183rd Clasico in the history of Spanish football. For this match, many channels around the world will be broadcasting it to the delight of fans of round skins and this classic game.

On Sunday, the Catalans receive the coaches on the tenth day of the Spanish League. This game will be live on the official website of FC Barcelona The shock will also follow on all FC Barcelona’s social networks and the club’s app.

Here is some additional information about the broadcasters of the Barcelona-Real Madrid match on Sunday:

Canada – Vancouver (Toronto) at 09:15 GMT


United States – Los Angeles (New York) at 09:15 GMT

ESPN, ESPN+, and ESPN Sports

Latin America – Mexico City (08:15 GMT)

Bogota. Santiago de Chile Buenos Aires (10:15 am GMT)

ESPN and Direct TV

Brazil – Brasilia (10.15am GMT)


Africa – Cotonou; Dakar. Yaounde. Cape town; Lagos (2:15 pm GMT)


United Kingdom – London (2:15 pm GMT)

Premier Sports and LaLiga TV

France – Paris (3:15 pm GMT)

be in sports

Spain – Barcelona (3 pm 15 GMT)

Movistar La Liga

Turkey – Istanbul (4:15 pm GMT)

Sporsmart and S-Sports Plus

Indy – New Delhi (18H 45 GMT)


China – Beijing (9:15 pm GMT)


Japan – Tokyo (10:15 pm GMT)

wow and dazen

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