Kyrgios feels ‘too liberated’

“I felt liberated in the third and fourth sets. I had so much fun.”

Taste Nick Kyrgios His amazing victory over Daniil MedvedevSunday, who sent him to the US Open quarter-finals.

These are some of his words collected at the press conference after Medvedev’s surprise 7-6 (11), 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Question: How would you rate your performance?

The answer: “The first set was the most important. I think if he had won, it would have been impossible for me to go back and win. I played the right way. I was great to come back. I felt liberated in the third and fourth sets. Moment. I’m really proud of that. After that, it’s only going to be the eighth final. Obviously it was a great experience to beat World No. 1 Arthur Ashe. But I didn’t celebrate much, because I know that if I played him nine more times, he probably would be. over me most of the time.”

Q: Is this the greatest performance of your career?

A: “I think I’m more proud of how I got back from all of that. I’ve been in really difficult, even really scary situations (he came out of a dark two years weighed down by depression and suicidal thoughts). So on paper, I probably wasn’t expecting — we didn’t — that I would win. So yeah, it’s a great victory. I almost feel relieved that it’s over, because there’s a lot of pressure every time I step onto the court, there’s a lot of expectations. I’m very proud of my performance, because there was really a time when I didn’t think I was capable of Doing it again. When I was really struggling mentally, I was so depressed the whole time, I felt sorry for myself. I was so selfish. Then I realized how much I was giving up on my loved ones and wanted it to stop. I raised my head, and decided to get back in shape first. Then we’ll see how it goes Things. Obviously winning helps. The motivation is there. It’s easier to train and get up when things are going well.”

Q: Since the Wimbledon final, do you consider yourself a better player or a better opponent?

A: “I think I underestimated some of my weaknesses. I really analyzed what I needed to improve at the beginning of the year, and worked on it really hard. Even if I’m not that 13th player in the world, I think I’m back. And I think I’m even better than that. I’ve matured a lot. When I play poorly, I accept that, when I play well, I embrace the moment. But I’m still the same.”

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