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Fairy Tales: True Stories and Serial Killers

Serial killers and other unresolved investigations are popular with broadcasters, such as BBC with The Pembrokeshire Murders Or TF1 with The Promise. Of these stories, many are based on real events. This is the case The Pembrokeshire Murders, exactly like Serpent With Taher Rahim, it was created by the BBC and just arrived on Netflix. We’re also thinking about Persuit, The TF1 novel in two parts on the case of Michel Fournert W. a parrot (Spain), a series based on the release of dozens of criminals after a judicial change.

Likewise, Ripper red (The Red Ripper) is a Russian series dedicated to the most famous serial killer of the Soviet era, also known as “Rostov Butcher”. And the Israeli series It is lined up in the sandInspired by real events, it tells the story of a police struggle against a gang that took control of his hometown.

Entertainment: South Korea and children’s games

South Korea continues to flood the screens with its musical entertainment (in addition to its novels such as The good doctor). Phenomenon Singer mask In particular, a game was launched in 2015 where we have to guess who is behind the singers wearing elaborate costumes, and it has already been successfully imported into the United States (Fox) or France (TF1). Since September it has been adapted in 13 new countries according to the consultancy firm The Wit, and is particularly successful in Finland, Israel and Norway. Followed by the competing show I can see your voice (Renamed by M6 Show me your voice), Who was born in the same year, is adapted in many countries.

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Kids’ game-based entertainment grows: These quintessential entertainment and family shows are based on world class games, and play to the nostalgia of the viewers. Such is the case with the “Lego masters”, launched in the Netherlands in 2017 and which has just been adapted in France by the M6. The next successes can come from the ball game Marble obsession (Netherlands), the scenic or Australian competition over miniature golf Holly Molly.

Other entertainment mixes general knowledge with physical challenges, such as Money shot (Germany), where candidates have to throw a bullet at an increasingly distant target, or Lightning (UK) where they have to play games of skill. at Bank balance (UK) They have to keep the gold bullion in balance.

Channels are always innovative when it comes to social experiences: in Eating with the enemy (Ireland), two people with opposing views are trying to find common ground, and in A table for two (Holland), someone who eats with a mysterious guest, without knowing if it will result in a reunion, revelation, or declaration of love. Stuck in the network (Germany) warns of cyber predators, thanks to actors acting as bait, with more calming chilling results, in Dr. Bao (Spain) A psychiatrist works with animals to help her patients.

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