Konami and Team Blooper are preparing for a new Silent Hill?

Silent Hill revival in the works?

With the official announcement of the partnership between Konami and Bloober Team, we can imagine itSilent Hill is being revived. In fact, one of the Best ps2 games Can benefit from studio expertise in the back average. Anyway, this is what some sources close to the Bloober team say, which I quoted نقل VGC. Reminder, Bloober announced at the beginning of the year that it was licensing an already existing horror game from a very popular video game publisher.. From there, it’s hard not to acknowledge the rumors of the return of Silent Hill.

Very strong bond between Silent Hill and Team Blooper

The Polish studio behind The Medium is very close to the world of Silent HillEven in his mastery of horror games of a psychological nature. Besides, you will never stop feeling the Silent Hill effect when you play The Medium. Another thing in common is that original Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka also worked on Bloober’s latest song. And therefore, Polish developers seem to be more than a suitable option to start the Silent Hill revival. However, it will be necessary to wait for Team Konami and Bloober to officially communicate about their next project before anything can be confirmed.

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