Kings of Leon offers an emotional and enveloping musical rejuvenation

Kings of Lyon He is back in the ring. We have been looking forward to it for a long time and the question was clarified in early 2021 when they shared some teasers on their social networks. Then singles came along and it finally happened: Caleb Fullwell The company delivered on Friday, March 5th When you see yourself, His eighth studio album.

The Nashville group thus cut nearly five years of absence with a work whose strength lay in production, composition and lyrics. Sensitive and atmospheric. There is an important mix of textures converging well, with some psychedelic clips, others faithfully linked to the independent rock of the Old Guard, and of course, The distinctive southern rock found in the group’s DNA.

Continuing to Compose Music as a Family: An Interview with the Kings of LyonContinuing to Compose Music as a Family: An Interview with the Kings of Lyon

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Fine details, old ways, and new textures

We must definitely start on that album from before Kings of LyonSong by song, it’s an interesting collection of subtle details that may seem irrelevant to opening one’s ears. But it is more necessary than it appears. The clearest example of this is the path that gives its name to a material, “When you see yourself, are you far away?”It is a quiet and hypnotic subject.

The first lines of the guitar, before the subject develops on its own, They talk to us about a sad song. However, the sections of the verses are somewhat “alive” – ​​so to speak. In the performance, at the bottom of the song, there are mixers and keyboards bits that add softness A subject that embraces and nostalgic at the same time. “Are you staying here another night?” Caleb sings in a moment of personal reflection.

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Caleb Followill in the video for “Echoing”. Photo: Youtube capture

As mentioned, there are old customs Independent rock band Dusmeliero in this episode. We forget it sometimes, but the group also belonged to this wave despite being “overshadowed” by the successes in New York and the United Kingdom. “the thieves”Anyway, bounce on those old school and rings (to put a reference) Southern version of Interpol. This is neither a complaint nor a claim; It is a powerful song.

And just as there were times to remember the old days, there are things that are completely out of the mold. ‘100,000 people’ It has to be one of the most psychedelic songs Kings Of Leon have collected in their long career. It is quiet, peaceful and It promises to be an enjoyable time for live listening If we go back to direct events.

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Blessed hand Marcus Dravis with the Kings of Lyon

genius Kings of Lyon It is undeniable and at this point, after several albums, he introduces us to A embrace to reinvent his past without trying to invent this rebellious rudeness From his first albums. Today, they slide on the calm and ingenuity that started Only at night (2008) and onwards. The ‘muda de piel’ collection without losing the substance and product Marcus Dravis He has a little bit of saying.

Blessed hand of the producer who worked with them Walls (2016), was raised again in this paper and this is noticeable in topics such as “Stormy weather”. Dravs has worked with other groups like Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Mumford et al And what do these groups have in common? His music relies heavily on playing the piano.

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On the above path Kings of LyonThis property has an important place. And although subtle, it is amazing. The same thing happens when it rings “Wave”, And it’s a great song ready to hug you; So you have a moment of unparalleled calm.

A little screaming and other casual stuff

If anything distinguishes work Kings of Lyon, Is the elegant pace of his guitars. Look a bit “raw” on topics like “The age without golden rest”, Bone It’s impudence with poetic accents -Put it a certain way-.

It is the same with “Time in disguise”Caleb gives us the recording’s hottest chorus when he sings “Close your eyes and what do you see? Is it a man or a masked machine?”. Again, at this point, the group invites us to do a self-reflection exercise.

Kings of Leon reveal details of their new album Kings of Leon reveal details of their new album

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The sharp tone of southern rocks has its climax with “sound echo”, A trail designed for road travel, sightseeing, and fantasy about freedom (which makes a lot more sense these days). In fact, the lead singer told Apple Music that this song is somewhat inspired by the movie. Flight over the cuckoo’s nest, About a man serving a sentence in a psychiatric hospital.

The album also contains quieter moments based on vocal songs like Supermarket, Claire & Eddie, and Fairy Tale, Which apparently works to lighten the burden of “heavier” subjects, despite emotional weight gain.

In general terms, When you see yourself From Kings of Lyon It is a comprehensive exercise full of sensitivity that the group offers us to face the complications of imperfect times. It’s a great album in which Nashville will return to the scene victorious. Find out about our interview with Nathan Fullwell from here.

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List of songs

1. When you see yourself, are you far away

2. Thieves

3. 100,000 people

4. Inclement weather

5. wave

6. The golden age without rest

7. Time in disguise

8. A supermarket

9. Claire and Eddie

10. Echo

11. Myth

"We are fortunate to continue making music as a family"An Interview with the Kings of Lyon

Photo: Sony Music / RCA Records

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