Kingdom: Ashin of the North: Netflix announces the return of Korean zombies with a special episode

The end of the second season of kingdom We are introduced to the mysterious Ashin. More than a year later, Netflix revealed an online release date for the special that aims to expand the world of the Korean zombie series. Announcement that the episode will be published on July 22nd.

authorized Kingdom: Northern AshDescribed as a sideshow, this special episode will look back at the origins of the outbreak and, more specifically, how the propagation of the plant that grows in the northeastern regions ended up in Joseon land – leading to the chaos we were able to make. Serial attendance. Obviously, the whole object is related to Ashin (Joon Ji Hyun’s) story.

It was also announced in the cast of this episode that actor Park Byung-eun takes on the role of Min Chi-rok, the head of the royal command and a skilled marksman who is wary of the Queen in season two. The story will naturally reveal how the fate of these two characters is connected.

season 1 manager kingdom, Kim Seong-hun sits behind the camera again in this special episode written by Kim Eun-hee.

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