Khashoggi case, libraries have recognized the main stores, and the demonstrations in Algeria … Friday news – release

The Khashoggi Affair. The US intelligence services confirmed, in a report published on Friday, that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, “approved” the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Washington announces visa restrictions on 76 Saudis.

Algeria, the movement continues. After two days of mobilization earlier this week, thousands of Hirak supporters demonstrated again on Friday in the Algerian capital, after a year of hiatus. Read our article.

Basic shops. Bookstores have joined the list of so-called essential stores and may remain open if booked on weekends, according to a decree published Friday in the Official Gazette. Stay tuned for Covid-19 news throughout the day.

Bullori at the helm? A judge in the Paris Court of Justice considered a “necessary” trial of businessman Vincent Bollori due to incidents involving corruption in Togo, but approved a fine of 12 million euros for the Bouleurs group, which allowed for an end to proceedings against the multinational company. Read our article.

Fair access to vaccinations. The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a British resolution demanding equal access to vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic. The resolution, the second of its kind in a year by the Security Council on the epidemic, also calls for solidarity and a ceasefire around the world to better combat the virus and implement vaccinations.

American raids in Syria. The US military launched air strikes on pro-Iranian militia elements in Syria on Friday before dawn, the first such operation of the Joe Biden administration to be carried out in response to attacks against the United States in Iraq. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the strikes killed 17 people and destroyed three armed trucks. Read our article.

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Kidnapping in Nigeria. For the third time in a few weeks, armed groups have kidnapped young students in the north of the country. A criminal phenomenon floating on the Internet in the “prepare our girls” campaign that started after the mass kidnapping of Chibok in 2014. Read our article.

Batakis in Paris to contain. The proposal for a three-week confinement in Paris, drafted by Emmanuel Gregoire on Thursday evening, made Paris’ elected officials the right jump. They criticize the lack of consultation and accuse Hidalgo of maneuvering in 2022. For his part, Jean Castex imposed taxes on the proposals of the Mayor of Paris “Nonsense”. Read our article.

Burma. Ahead of the UN General Assembly, the Burmese ambassador caused a surprise by cutting him off with his powers and calling for an immediate halt to the coup. “We need the strongest action on the part of the international community to immediately end the military coup, end the persecution of the innocent, and restore state power to the people,” Ambassador Kyaw Mo Tun said during a special session dedicated to his country.

Homophobia in the police. The IGPN was taken over after the statements of a gay anti-police officer during a takeover in Paris. The scene, which took place on Monday evening in the La Chapelle region, was filmed and broadcasted on social media. Several LGBT associations have decided to file a complaint. Read our article.

Ethiopia. In a report published online on Friday, the non-governmental organization Amnesty International claimed that Eritrean forces have them Hundreds of civilians slaughtered In Ethiopia, which could constitute crimes against humanity. Read our article.

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Also read on

Lib information. According to the information received from ReleaseCriminal proceedings will be initiated against Hope by the Labor Inspectorate for fraud. It is suspected that Air France allowed some of its pilots to combine partial unemployment with an increase in overtime. Read our article.

VIH. The National Agency for Research of Infectious Diseases is looking for volunteers from the Ile-de-France region from March 1 to test the tolerability and immune response in humans to a candidate vaccine against HIV. Four decades of vaccine research has so far yielded nothing but frustrated hopes. Read our article.

dew. Indian guru Baba Ramdev, who has become a wealthy entrepreneur for Ayurveda products, derived from traditional medicine, thanks to his company Patanjali, suggests treating Covid with its traditional products. An exciting and risky business. Read our article.

AP-HP. Adversity, lack of staff, inappropriate places … The staff of the Violence Clinic in Bondi, Seine Saint-Denis, who specialize in caring for rape victims, denounce inappropriate working conditions despite the importance of their mission. Read our article.

In Liberation this weekend

2022. The front page of Liberation will be devoted to the growing refusal, on the part of left-wing voters, to vote for Macron to disrupt the National Front in the 2022 elections.

In the rest of the newspaper, you find the account of the debate in Argentina about the circumstances of Maradona’s death, an article about the desire of part of the right to see Sarkozy’s return to the upcoming presidential elections, an interview about ‘evolution. Brawls among young people, a double page on Daft Punk viewed by eight other artists, an interview of ideas about the consequences of automation of driving on our feelings, picture pages of Steve McQueen’s new saga about the exclusion of Afro-British Caribbean society in the 1960s, pages of music on the flourishing of online masters classes, pages of Books with novelist Noémi Lefebvre, pages of food on the mills from the Jura, as well as a photo of American author Thomas Chatterton Williams, inviting us to deconstruct the idea of ​​race.

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