Key support is tested in 6 hotels, choose wisely

Apple and Hyatt Hotels have signed an agreement that allows hotel chain customers to use the Apple Cards app to unlock their room doors… instead of the traditional magnetic card.

Major support arrives at Apple Wallet, but it's still marginal

Major support is coming to Apple Wallet, but it’s still marginal // Source: Hyatt Hotels via 9to5Mac

First introduced in WWDC Conference 2021Support for keys with Apple Maps (Wallet) in iOS 15 is starting to appear. An apple Hyatt Hotels has signed a partnership that allows the hotel chain’s customers to use Iphone (or Apple Watch) to open their bedroom door.

Initially, this function was reserved for six US institutions (located in Hawaii, Key West, Chicago, Dallas, Fremont and Long Beach), but then it should be extended to all hotels of the group. Apple, for its part, should take advantage of this first test to prepare for the wide dissemination of this novelty with other partners.

iPhone to simplify your hotel stay

As 9to5Mac specifies, the key is added to the Apple Maps app just as you want to add a movie ticket or pass Which. Simply go through the hotel chain app to be offered this option. We also learn that the key can be added to Apple Cards once a reservation is confirmed. This would make it possible to bypass the (sometimes tedious) step of checking in to reception: the room number displayed directly on Apple Maps. Of course, opening the room is possible only at the exact time of the guest’s arrival, and not before.

If the customer needs to extend his stay or change rooms, everything can be done online, through the automatic update of pass on the iPhone. Here again, the shift to reception could thus, in theory, be avoided.

Source: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

Source: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

From a more practical point of view, the key is accessed in express mode on the iPhone: there is no need to authenticate via Touch ID or Face ID. So it is enough to bring the device close to the reader to open the door. 9to5Mac finally determines that unlocking remains possible even if the iPhone is completely discharged, for 5 hours. Unsurprisingly, this feature is designed to respect user privacy. Apple will not be notified when and where any of these keys will be used.

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Remember that Apple is already using this kind of functionality for the automotive sector, in particular Apple CarKey, which was introduced last year as part of a partnership with BMW.

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