Key data at the end of the race

Max Verstappen (PBS / Red Bull Racing) – Winner

“We lost a place in the beginning so we had to find something else to win. The tires were really heated up in this circuit. I didn’t know if our strategy would work, but in the end it was very fun. I had some slips sometimes in the fast corners. I’m so glad I made it to the end of the race like this. The spectators were amazing. It’s great to be able to come and run here in Austin and see so many Dutch flags, it’s really cool.”

Lewis Hamilton (UK/Mercedes) – 2eme

“This race was tough. I struggled with the car all weekend to be able to hold the rear axle. At Red Bull Racing they were stronger than us this weekend, you can see. Sergio Perez hasn’t been this good in a long time, So it shows how efficient their car is. I did my best and got the best result possible today (Sunday). We have to find a way to improve our car. It’s been a long time since we made any changes. I don’t know how to improve the back of the car, but it was There is work to be done.

Sergio Perez (Mexico / Red Bull Racing) – 3eme

“It was really hot and I ran out of drinks on the first lap. In the middle of my second lap it got really hard for me. I was losing a little bit of power. Thanks to everyone who made the trip for their support.”

Charles Leclerc (MCO / Ferrari) – 4eme

“I am very happy with this race even if it was a bit boring for me. I tried to give my maximum every lap and it was a really good performance because we were more or less going to Sergio Perez’s rhythm and we didn’t expect it at all. It shows that all the work he did The team over the past few months has been doing well. I’m really happy. For me, it was clear that I would be a little bit in the shadows because there wasn’t much going on on my side. It was on the horizon Sergio Perez, I believed in him to the end by being a little faster “Ferrari’s pace has been very good. Although we have only made two or three improvements this year because we are mainly focused on 2022, they have given us important steps forward.” .It’s great to see.”

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Daniel Ricciardo (Australia / McLaren) – 5M

“Charles Leclerc was very strong, very fast. I think Ferrari was very fast for us in general. Thanks to the good first lap we were able to take advantage of Carlos Sainz Jr. I think it was very difficult for him on the soft tires during the first lap. I was faster than him. A little bit at first but when we both switched to the hard tyres, he was faster. I had to defend a lot of the race but I’m happy to get 5th. It’s fixing the damage. I’m happy with the points and 5th, but we’ll try to find more speed in Mexico to create problems for Ferrari. It was a physical race because the heat was important and dehydration was easier. There was a lot of stuff left in my water bottle at the end of the race, already that we don’t carry much because of the weight and size. It’s never enough so we finish the race and get a little dehydrated and get physical In a bumpy arena.”

Esteban Ocon (FRA / Alpine) – Abandon

“The team told me to get back in the pit but we don’t know exactly what the problem with the car is. We suspect there’s a problem with the rear of the car, but I don’t know more. That’s why we finally came back. Anyway, the race was hacked after calling an Alfa Romeo race in the beginning. I hit the front wing and we have to see if we can continue but it wasn’t a good day for us overall.”

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Pierre Gasly (FRA / AlphaTauri) – Abandon

“We have suspension. It was very complicated with a problem with the sensor in the car right before the start. They managed to fix that and then we had a problem with the suspensions that got worse until it was time to stop. It was really complicated and it’s a shame because we started in the top 10. We lost very important points. I am very disappointed that there are few races left and every point is very important until the end of the season.”

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