Keiza supports wearing a mask in public places in Ascona

SVP President Marco Chiesa calls for swift gastronomy flexibility. On the other hand, demonstrations of 150 people are considered risky at the moment (archive). Keystone / Peter Clunzer sda-ats

This content was published on March 18, 2021 – 07:00


SVP President Marco Chiesa supports Ascona (TI) decision to make wearing a mask mandatory in public places. He said all measures that protect health and restore some freedoms must be supported.

If many people want to enjoy life in Ascona during Easter, a temporary adherence to a mask in public makes sense, Thicinez said in an interview published Thursday by the information portal He specifies that this should only be the case in places where many people find themselves in a limited space and cannot maintain the necessary distance.

Mr Kiesa is happy that German speakers visit his canton. During the first wave, he warned of such moves, but the situation today is different, he said. The knowledge about the virus and preventive measures is much better.

Hospitals are not overburdened

The head of the SVP recalls that his party had always clearly indicated that it wanted to ease sanitary measures, but within the framework of strict protection concepts.

This is possible now because the number of patients in intensive care units has dropped sharply, judging the national advisor. He added that the health system is far from overburdened and high-risk groups are being vaccinated to a large extent.

At the moment, Switzerland cannot afford a zero-risk strategy and must learn to live with the virus, he continues. A year into the pandemic, that should be possible. Mr. Chiesa confirms that he continues to take the threat posed by the virus very seriously.

Fast opening to catering

The SVP chairperson calls for flexibility, especially in the area of ​​catering. This sector has invested millions in concepts of protection and was a scapegoat for months, he regrets. He maintains that it is now necessary to open quickly because otherwise many bars and restaurants will remain closed forever.

With regard to major events, Mr. Chiesa, on the other hand, is more cautious than the Federal Council. He considers that events that have gathered 150 people are risky at the present time. This would be very challenging, especially for contact tracing.

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